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I keep a spray bottle of it in my house and I've found it's great for melting the ice on the outdoor car.
A.) it's room temp
B.) it's full of alcohol, so it melts the ice
The shit thing is that I assume the alcohol evaporates shortly after you start driving along with your pristine, clear vision. Then, an ice crystal forms and it blooms across your entire side windows like freezing rain and you can't see shit all! It's like the WORST visibility you could possibly have. Massively unsafe.
The "-40" fluid will do this at -10, as well.
So I've started using a squeegee. It's more work than hoping the warm spray will do everything for you, but less work than using a scraper.
If you're going through all that effort anyway make your own spray. 2 parts isopropyl alcohol 1 part water. Should have an even lower freezing point.