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Thread: Looking to buy a computer

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    Default Looking to buy a computer

    Hey, so I'm looking to buy a used computer as I want to get into a little bit of gaming (nothing crazy just some simulators ). I don't know much about them so I thought I'd ask here for your opinions.

    I found a desktop on kijiji and these are the following specs

    MSI GTX 1060
    8 core intel i7-3770
    8gb ram
    1 tb hdd
    125gb ssd
    Windows 10

    He wants 900 for this. Is it a good deal? Is it too good to be true? And how can I make sure these are the components in it as he says?

    These are the only pictures he sent me

    Thank you for your help! I just need a PC but do not really want to break the bank.

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    Price in comparison to what?

    I mean, I could build a computer that is better for about the same price, but that doesn't mean much. You'll definitely spend more walking into a store.

    Overall, I think its a good price. Its not AMAZING, but the 1060 is $300 alone, $350 for that I7. So you are already at $650 before getting a case, mobo, ram, etc.

    The only complaint I have is the 8gb of ram, definitely needs 16gb nowadays.

    As for confirming, do the following:

    Start Button/Start menu
    Control Panel
    All Control Panel Items
    Performance Information and Tools

    Then click "view and print detailed performance and system information", will tell you everything.
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