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Thread: e39 M5 Vs Chevy SS

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    Cool e39 M5 Vs Chevy SS

    MotorWeek tested the e39 M5 and said it was the greatest sport sedan of all time. I think that statement still stands in terms of the model's impact, even though faster cars have come since then.I remember reading in European Car magazine about the magazine's guy boiling tire smoke off the tires and 400 hp, which seemed a lot back then.

    MotorWeek & the e39 M5

    Classic 5-er - No Bangle

    Ignition think the Chevy SS has finally surpassed the e39 M5.

    Chevy SS Vs e39 M5 - Streets of Willow circuit

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    I love the E60 M5 with that glorious V10 more, although that V8 with factory ITB's was also glorious.

    The Chevy SS didn't even come to Canada, just like the Pontiac GTO of the mid 2000's. Makes me sad. I was waiting for them to hit here. In U.S. they recently had big discounts on this car since nobody was buying them - that put it in line with WRX STI pricing. Absolutely mind boggling to me who would prefer that EJ257 ticking time bomb over a sweet V8 with magna ride suspension and all that fun stuff.

    aka in Australia as the Holden Commodore.

    I would buy over any of those AWD 4 cylinder turbo crap (Evo, STI, RS) and I don't care that it looks like an understated boring Malibu.

    Cops in U.S. get to use them, under the Caprice name. (See: Caprice PPV) saw one when I was down there. I was like Malibu...wait...Caprice PPV? wtf??!

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