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Thread: Motorhome vs Travel Trailer?

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    We bought a motorhome last year in October ( decent price ) because we had this plan of traveling to the states in it. Well that didn’t go as plan so we sold ( made a 7k profit in summer ) and bought a brand new 5th wheel.

    Our biggest thing was space. In a Moho we lost that first 10 feet to being a driving cabin so essentially a 40 ft Moho was only 30 ft where as our 40 ft 5th wheel is a full 40 ft. I had a big truck anyways so I didn’t have to go and buy that.

    Now that I have a 5th wheel I don’t think I would ever go back ( unless I wanted super Luxery - Prevost, etc. )

    If you buy brand new go to the states - we saved $40,000 on the same unit that was less spec’d in Red Deer and Calgary.

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    Quote Originally Posted by B8BB8B. View Post
    If you buy brand new go to the states - we saved $40,000 on the same unit that was less spec’d in Red Deer and Calgary.
    I was going to by a lightweight travel trailer after buying the Frontier... shortly after the dollar tanked and the price of travel trailers (since they all come from the states) sky rocketed substantially. Even at the RV show something that was in the 15k range before the dollar dropping off was then priced around 22-24k. More expensive things also jumped quite a bit as well.

    One side argument for a 5th wheel setup is you can b-train a boat behind. The are extra regulations but my in-laws get to pull their fishing boat behind the 5th wheel.
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    I also think trailer is the way to go. Motorhomes are huge and ridiculous. Plus you have to tow a car if you want to get around when your moho is setup at camp.

    Truck and trailer, you dump the trailer and drive your truck around.
    Quote Originally Posted by LOLJDM View Post
    Rob with an awesome post as always.

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