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Thread: Minimum wage and tipping how do you feel?

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    I hate the fact that every shitty waiter/waitress thinks they are entitled to a tip for doing nothing other than taking the order, bringing out the food, and asking if it tastes okay. Some servers go above and beyond and i tip 20%. Most places though I just tip because I feel I have to. The entitlement is actually pathetic.

    Just the other day though, I ordered Famoso through skip the dishes to the hospital cause we were there all day and i forgot to pack the lunches and of course they ask tip option. I picked 10% because it was the lowest and i thought F that, i'm already paying 4 bucks to have it delivered. But then half hour later this asian kid came and met me in the lobby, obviously just driving while he's going to university, even in -30 the pizzas were still warm. Realizing that i used to be sort of in those shoes - going to school and trying to earn a little cash on the side here and there, and also that he was genuinely nice and didn't expect anything extra, i grabbed the only bill from my pocket which was 10 bucks and gave it to him. 10 bucks isn't much but he definitely really appreciated it
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    I remember going to Booster Juice and they had a tip option. Sorry but I am not tipping you for making a smoothie.

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    I tip at restaurants, never at take out or food counters, but ALWAYS when there is a waiter or waitress. Their base wage is of no concern to me what so ever
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    In regards to skipthedishes - man, they need a POST-delivery tip.

    Email me, ask me how it was, what kind of tip is deserved? I don't understand giving them a tip before anything was literally even done.
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    I didn't realize the minimum wage had escalated so quickly, and will be at $15/h this year in the fall.

    I now will not be tipping unless the service is good. Good service will get a 10% tip. Great service 20% (I've had GREAT service about 5 times in my life).

    Before, I without question tipped 10-15% regularly. Not anymore!

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    What was the wage of servers prior to this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JugZ View Post
    What was the wage of servers prior to this?
    Like $7-$8 per hour. Something around there.

    Edit: Just looked it up.

    1998-2004: $5.50/hour (when I entered the working class)
    2005-2006: $7/hour
    2007-2010: $8/hour
    2011-2014: $9/hour

    Then, the new government came in, and they said by 2018, it would be increased to $15/hour.

    So it's gone up like $1.50-$2 per year for the past 3 years in a row.
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    I did my part by not tipping the pizza73 employee today when I picked my pizza up. Fuck the ndp

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    I tip in coupons and Werther's Originals.
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