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Thread: Calcium Chloride in the Edmonton streets.

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    This is all smoke, mirrors, and deception:

    Cartmell pointed out the possibility that salt could be the corrosive culprit, noting that the city used 4.8 times more sodium chloride on the streets last winter than five years earlier.

    "There is someone that is looking at their car, at their driveway, at their garage pad, at their landscaping, and is attributing the damage that they're seeing to the brine, is actually potentially seeing damage because we're using not quite five times as much salt as we were using five years ago."
    How much of that sodium chloride was because of the solution? How much sodium chloride was used 2 years ago (before the solution) vs 5 years ago. Compare apples to apples. It makes it seem like they want it to seem like they've been linearly and progressively increasing the amount of sodium over 5 years, but it might actually be that the sodium chloride usage spiked only when they started using the brine. It's reception.

    Like saying you average a bath a day but take all 7 baths on Sunday.
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    Fuck this backwards city. I went to drop my subrame other day (which was dropped last fall) and everything is rusted up. Broke a welded nut inside the frame rail trying to get a bolt out. So yeah whatever they use is rusting shit way faster than normal. Wtf

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ben Henderson
    Several councillors, including Ben Henderson, are convinced the anti-icing blend creates safer driving conditions.

    "The trade-off is … would I prefer to be in an accident or have my vehicle corrode? And I think I prefer the corrosion over the collision."
    Well guess what fuck head? There is no trade off. Now you get both!!

    I saw the graphic shared online the other day with the actual vote results from city council. This shit passed 7 to 6. People should be making note of which councilors voted yes, and exercise their vote next election to get rid of these idiots that don't listen to their constituents. Big surprise, Iveson was one of the yes votes.

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