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Thread: Hit an run - white... truck?

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    Default Hit an run - white... truck?

    Myself and some friends went skiing this weekend (Jasper in January - highly recommended) and got a call on Saturday that one of our cars had been hit on the street. If anyone has seen a white vehicle (most likely a truck) with significant damage, and blue (mazda) or dark grey (jeep) paint transfer on it, please post in this thread or contact her via reddit. This person must have been fucked out of their mind to hit both vehicles so hard only meters from a stop sign.

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    That's your jeep on 110 street? I called the city to report the damage couple days ago. I'll keep an eye out.

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    Man that's nuts. I found a hit and run driver by posting up the same style though.. are you in a busy area, or more of a closed off section?
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    chances are its a stolen vehicle.

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    White truck in Alberta with damage should be easy to find...there are about 11 of them in my parking lot right now lol.

    Sucks people are such dirtbags! Hope you guys find them.

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