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Thread: Epoxy Garage flooring

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    Quote Originally Posted by JugZ View Post
    I'd still handle a bunch of CAULK and squeeze some CAULK around the seam. Sure, the garage would smell of CAULK for awhile, but throwing the CAULK to it really fills any cracks with CAULK.
    Cracks love to get filled with CAULK!
    Lol Caulk... hehe

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    Quote Originally Posted by BrightWhite View Post
    Well good to know! I was way off, JUGZ!

    The garages I was also talking about were probably approx 40x30ish and they did the product up a foot on the walls also.

    Painter, what product are you guys using? Link?
    LoL, no problems!
    Here's my issue... How is painter69 finding materials for $1700 when consumer grade at Cdn Tire only about $250 for a 400sf garage??¡¿?¿?! I totally get that Consumer Grade << Pro but pros get significant discounts, too!
    I cannot fathom it being over $1000.

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