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Thread: Insurance Replacments

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    Default Insurance Replacments

    Hey Guys,

    So the GF smashed her daily (2014 Edge) into a curb and mangled the driver side rims and tires plus some other shit to the suspension. The appraisal came back at $2000 per rim which seems insane and they would also be only replacing one tire. Is it worth it to see if we can get aftermarket rims for it? I had some priced out in the fall and a full set is only $1800, seems like this would be a better deal for everyone involved. Next it seems a little odd that they would only replaced one tire as its an AWD vehicle, shouldn't all 4 tires be replaced?

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    Yes. You can request that aftermarket parts be used in place of OEM, especially if it's a cheaper option, the insurance company should jump at the opportunity.

    And no, not all 4 tires need to be replaced. I know people constantly say that it'll ruin the AWD system. But I've never seen 5mm of tread difference cause any issues.

    My mother-in-laws MDX is AWD and it needed a tire replaced after an accident... 3 tires are 50% worn and 1 brand new tire. No issues for years.
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    Just because it worked anecdotally doesn't mean it's the right/best way to do it.

    Can't speak to Ford's AWD system, but I know Audis want to see no more than a 3mm difference to keep the diffs happy.

    Why not get the full quote based of an estimate and take the payout and decide yourself what to buy, and what you're willing to DIY vs. hire a shop to fix? Sounds like you could come out ahead on this based on their wheel quote alone.
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    I would personally see how much you can get it fixed for at a reputable shop and possibly take the payout because the $2000/rim could cover a lot of the fix. I'd argue for 4 new tires, though.

    And, according to the forums, the SRT awd system is incredibly sensitive to uneven wear in the tires. 5mm diff between the front and back have been known to cause people a lot of grief in the form of unnerving chatter.
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    I did this with my car. I bought my own wheels and the repair place cut me a check for the cost of the replacement rims and tires on the quote.
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    You can get more than 5mm difference in tire diameter with just tire pressures, which nobody does.
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    I would argue it based on what ever your owners manual states in in the manual for 1 tire vs all tires. I recall my owners manual explicitly stating tires had to be replaced in sets of 4 for example.
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    Tire "shaving" is an option, nowadays, isn't it?

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    Assuming you are going through insurance, have insurance cut you a check for the cost of the tires/rims and go buy your own set and pocket the difference. Do not do the insurance company any favours by reducing the amount of the claim - your GF will have an accident on her record regardless and rate increases will not be reduced due to your goodwill of saving the insurance company a few bucks.

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