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Thread: BRZ / FRS Market?

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    Default BRZ / FRS Market?

    Hey guys,
    I'm looking at the possibility of selling a car that I know nothing about. Basically I would be getting the vehicle in a trade and selling it off.

    Curious what these are worth, and how long I should expect it to take to sell.
    It would be a 2013 BRZ with 75k kms. Not sure if it has the sport-tech package (since i don't know how to determine anything about the vehicles). Supposedly it's fully loaded though. Looking on kijiji they are listed (mostly from dealerships) in the 17-18k range, slightly more if it's got the sport tech package. In a private sale would it be fair to think i get 16-17k for it in a timely manner?
    But the big difference between a right winger writing for a right wing media source, and left winger writing for a left wing source. Is that everything he wrote here is true and factual, not just somebodies opinion piece that is spinning vague facts to try and support their poorly thought out opinion.

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    I would say that you are pretty close to being in the right ball park. I would expect the price to go up a bit as spring time rolls around.

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    specific to 2013 model year... there are a few differences like dual zone climate control and such however things like the spoiler and fogs lights are probably easy to add after the fact. Means the most obvious giveaway is probably going to be cloth vs heated leather seats.
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