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Thread: Home Inspection?

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    Default Home Inspection?

    Hi 780,

    Looking for recommendations for an individual to complete a pre-purchase home inspection? Anything I need to know before picking a company/person?

    What to expect out of the process? Is there anything specifically i should be asking for to be looked at? Previous experiences also appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

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    They're disappointing. They tend to miss A LOT of things but it's still worth doing because I'm fairly confident that many of them would catch something major.
    The tiniest, nano-obstacle prevents them from inspecting things, as well. You know those foam 24" squares that link together for cheap, workout flooring? They won't move a dozen of those to check for cracks in the basement floor! ANYTHING in their way and it doesn't get checked.
    "Cold out. Didn't go on roof because maybe slippery".
    "Dishes in dishwasher, so didn't check operation."
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    ^^^ LOL

    I went with HouseMaster Home Inspections in Edmonton, and they did a pretty good job. Guy went into the attic and pointed out some things even though he "wasn't supposed to," since the access was from outside. Took his time and took lots of photos which were provided in a fairly comprehensive report.

    The one issue that I ran into was he cycled the dishwasher and ran the taps at the same time, but didn't wait for the dishwasher to enter the drain cycle. About two-three months later I had a clog in the drains. Called HouseMaster and they sent out a plumber to snake the drain at their cost.
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    I have gone through 2 inspectors the first I have forgotten in the bowels of my mind they missed SO MANY things it was ridiculous. Brand new build so you would think there would be less issues but hot tap work, cold tap works check... didn't bother to check if the water coming out of the tap got warm or not. Builders ran 2 cold lines to one of the showers and the kitchen sink/diswasher. If a builder screws up things like that they really should be using the red/blue pex instead of all white. And there was a lot more wrong with the plumbing in general like that... some of it bad enough that the plumber should no longer be allowed to pull a permit things that were obvious to an untrained eye before the drywall would have gone up.

    Last time around I used JBR Inspections (Brent) and while I will not say he found everything the things I have encountered that were not noted by his report were pretty minor. The hot water tap was shut off when he cycled the washing machine so it only ran cold and when I turned the hot water tap on it was leaking. The condition of the dishwasher's Y junction was also questionable and had to be replaced but talking <$10 in parts and spending more time in the hardware store looking for the parts than actually fixing the issues. Then he took the time to go through everything with me page by page, showing me the photos on his phone (which were later provided) and answering any questions about his notes and elaborating where I requested such.
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    Default talks about the different home insspection companies in Edmonton, stuff you should know before you get one, and things you should expect

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