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Thread: CF or flat black rear diffuser on black car?

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    Carbon Fibre
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    Quote Originally Posted by the_fornicator View Post
    ... CF wrap is kind of expensive and looking at CF when you know it's not CF personally annoys me. Flat black will look like it's been done with plastidip and be an eye sore in that it won't match the car -just an odd combination.
    So, hang on... You might be right. I was assuming a legit CF part, not a wrap.

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    Is it your daily? Is it winter driven?
    Carbon fiber will look good for one summer then looks like poop.
    I would get fiberglass/poly and paint it gloss black.
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    Having re-painted my front and rear bumpers on my SUV to be full body color (metalic red) one thing I have noticed especially on that area of the bumper is that is always appears much dirtier than when is was more of a plain grey. Something like a diffuser I think I'd leave in a flatter black actually maybe something like a semi-gloss.
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    So maybe I just get the CF one and if it starts to look like shit just paint/ plasti dip it?

    I know CF fades and looks like shit after a little while but I'm less concerned since the diffuser is basically under the car and out of direct sunlight 99% of the time unless I'm doing barrel rolls or something
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    Is it possible to buy the CF one and spray a gloss or something on top to avoid fading/wear and tear?
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