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Thread: Brake Pads and Rotor recommendations

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    3 wheels done 1 more to go and these rotors and pads dont look anywhere near as bad as they told me. Bahh.
    Yeah never trust a dealer when they tell you your brakes are due for changing. Find out for yourself. Lexus told me my fronts were getting low, so I ordered a set or pads and rotors. Jack up the car to do the work, pull the wheel, pull the caliper, and fuck me if those brakes were bloody well brand new looking still.

    I don't know exactly what vehicle you have? But was curious on pricing where I recommended. 2010 Frontier with V6. Premium is 377$, and daily driver is 192$ for full set. Even the premiums were 100$ cheaper than the Value line from Nissan.

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    They also mentioned the rears were un machinable and the front would be unmachinable by the end of the summer. Im not convinced of either statement. Either way 4 new coated rotors and news pads all around and it is dealt with just need to take it for a quick drive now.
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