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Thread: LF: A reputable home builder

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    Quote Originally Posted by the_fornicator View Post
    Quick Google-Fu:

    They aren't BBB accredited which raises flags for me. Any company that wants to seem half asses capable gets BBB accredited. The first page is all negative or neutral -nothing positive.

    And I would search to see how they respond to negative reviews:


    Excel response:

    That's their response paraphrased, "even though you think your place is shit, we think we've done enough so we're good". I would avoid them.

    Haha oh wow, I cannot believe how many negative reviews there are! I'm definitely staying away from them.
    Thank you very much the_fornicator for your post!!

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    After a long journey and picking out our a location for a new home. I finally found a reputable custom home builder!
    And they are Hardwell Homes

    If any of you are looking to build a new home. Let me know and I can get you a deal by referral!!

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