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Thread: LF: A reputable home builder

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    Jayman used to be pretty shitty back during the boom -not sure how they are not, but a friend was an architect for them and he even advises against their shit.

    I was advised against Pacesetter by friends who work in the trades that helped build some of their houses. I realize that each place can have different contractors so that can't speak on a company as a whole, but it's just something I remember.
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    All 4 of them are garbage honestly for different reasons. Qualico owns sterling and pacesetter and a shitload of other builders. Landmark pre assembling panels is a terrible design. The stuff Iíve seen from all 4 is mind blowing. The worst was sterling lifting a house that was only framed to fix the foundation.

    At the same time, I would say maybe 5% or less of homes being built are decent, the rest are a pile of shit slapped together. At the end of the day as long as the really important things like foundation, and everything works properly pluming hvac electrical, etc itís not going to vary much between bigger builders in terms of quality. Most use whichever trade is cheapest, there is little concern of quality. I bought 3 specs 1 from a big builder 2 from smaller ones different issues and quality is about the same. As far as a spec being better, there is really no difference. The trades donít give a flying fuck. The advantage to building is being there and watching it like a hawk. Problem is anyone knowledgeable will pull their hair out before itís done because the builder wonít fix most of the stuff.

    Honestly my recommendation is either do your best with one of them, or if quality is huge find a place you can buy a lot build yourself or hire someone to help you. You will save a lot and end up with a better product.

    Iím in it everyday though considering I work in new construction. I only work for small builders, but Iím pretty much at my breaking point with the BS and considering trying to find a big builder. Some of the little guys who build a few a year might seem better but most are so fucking clueless itís not even funny, and ends up with a shit product too.

    One builder Iíve only heard good things about is Ackard, but they only do high end.

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    Even some of the fancy show homes in Summerside Estates that were clearing a full million are not perfect. Not that I could ever afford a home like that but after being frustrated by the super small garages in that area looking at a triple oversized garage is a nice change.
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    I bought a Parkwood Master Builders home, quality of build is exceptional. Their timeliness on completing the 1yr deficiencies, and seasonal deficiencies leaves something to be desired. Overall, I'd recommend them.

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