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Thread: Capital Dodge: Fraudulent NVIS lawsuit

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    Super shady.
    Quote Originally Posted by LOLJDM View Post
    Rob with an awesome post as always.

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    This update just goes to show how messed up this is getting. Calvin wasn't even an employee (according to a statement from the dealership) yet his affidavit states he had his own personal desk in the dealership and there was ~$76k worth of commission cheques written to the GM over these transactions.

    Edit: also claims all the transactions were legitimate.
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    And the absurdity you are arguing is exactly that, absurd. 'The paperwork is too complicated"? Haha what?

    My point is, this country's laws and its application of them is beyond stupidity. You can be a criminal, as long as the paperwork is complicated. A+ .
    That's a bit of an anomaly. It's pretty well documented that is very hard to get a conviction in most sexual assault claims. Besides the point anyway. Unfortunately the justice system has to operate in a way to prevent abuse of power. This means that a lot of guilty people go free because the burden of proof is on the crown. But the bright side is, the cops can't just show up and arrest you because they don't like your face, and charge you with murder and throw away the key. Which would be a prety reasonable fear if we had a system that put the burden of innocence on the accused.

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