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Thread: Hi is there a old Japanese car show in Edmonton

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    Default Hi is there a old Japanese car show in Edmonton

    I seen 1 video from it on YouTube in its first year but nothing since than
    Iwould appreciate knowing about shows in Edmonton with older Japanese cars kei cars or just more rare cars older for me is basically 90's and prior
    Would love to see Japanese cars fro 70's early 80's and kei cars
    I was at season opener which was pretty good but so many cars and it was a bit loud
    The other show I know of is Driven which aperently has neat cars outside?

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    There other actual car shows through the year, Rockin August, The Reynolds-Alberta Museum and a bunch of others but they are not import focused.
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    if you search facebook for Japanese nostalgic cars Alberta we have a car meet/show every year
    speedtech 20105 107ave 780-455-5161

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