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Thread: FS: Apple MacBooks

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    Default FS: Apple MacBooks

    I have a little side gig fixing and selling MacBooks... do you guys have an interest? I'll post em here if so.

    Here are a couple I have right now:

    Apple MacBook Pro Laptop
    Serial: W89262ZT66E
    13″ Display (1280x 800 resolution)
    2.53ghz Intel Core 2 Duo Processor
    8GB RAM
    120GB Solid State Drive
    1TB Hard Drive (Storage)

    - 60w Charger

    - MacOS High Sierra 10.13.4

    This is a consignment item. This unit has an upgraded, lightning fast 120GB Solid State Drive installed, and has had the CD-ROM drive removed and replaced with a 1TB storage drive. With only minor scratches on the bottom case and minor scuffing on the back of the display, it is in fantastic shape.



    Apple MacBook Pro Laptop
    Serial: C02PD2QZFVH6
    13″ Retina Display
    3.1ghz Intel i7 Processor
    8GB RAM
    256GB Solid State Drive

    - Magsafe 2 60w Charger

    - MacOS High Sierra 10.13.4

    This unit is in excellent condition. They are no major dings or scratches, and less than 1 or 2 minor blemishes.



    7 Day Warranty for Peace of Mind
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