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Thread: 2001 Harley Davidson sportster 883

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    Default 2001 Harley Davidson sportster 883

    20,000km ish

    Five thousand bucks! $5000

    Dyna low progressive fork springs (taller/stiffer then stock)

    3 gallon King tank

    Chopper kings cube bars

    Biltwell whisky throttle and grips

    3 finger levers

    New clutch cable and ss front brake line
    EBC brake pads

    Ricky Bongos engine/coil/ignition mount, choke relocation mount and timer cover

    Danmoto highwayman 2-1 exhaust with modified baffle so it actually pulls properly and doesn't have a bunch of strange reversion

    Bison motorsports velocity stack, as well as DK customs 5.25 air cleaner

    OEM speedo tach combo in mph, it's a pain to finds a set in kph

    Led lights all the way around including headlight.

    garage paint job but It has a proper epoxy primer and 2 stage clear so it'll last.

    All stock switches removed, signal switch and start switch on electronics cover as well as a solonoid start switch.

    Krator 1/4 fairing.

    Pictured seat was meant for a pre 81 bike. The bottom of the pan has been cut to make it fit.
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