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Thread: 6G72TT Engine dimensions?

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    More digging into transmission options and availability price etc making one of these RWD just isn't practical for my use. Shop down in the states Grenade Motorworks in short takes a 04-09 durangos (hemi awd) and in short does body swaps with things like early 50s internationals. The few videos the interiors are of Roadkill quality at best but that seems to be more finish work than anything. Would get me to a drivable ratrod-ish state while I work on the rest of the body etc. Those generations of Durago's don't appear to be that expensive and semi plentiful around here.
    It's probably a better way to go if it fits easy enough. then you'll have all your power steering, proper suspension, A/C, etc.

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    Has anyone traveled down this road before, is their any weirdness registering something along this lines of a body swap like this if I still have the original vin attached to the body vs and vin stamps dodge might have applied to the frame etc?
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