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Thread: Any Mitsubishi Specialists in Town?

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    Question Any Mitsubishi Specialists in Town?

    Looking to get a timing belt replaced on an Outlander and want to avoid the dealerships. Thanks!

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    I know the 1st gen Outties are not a whole lot of work to do the timing belt and not really beyond the home mechanic just remember to do the water pump at the same time. You can even probably even get away with the RalliArt "kits" if it is the 2.4L (04-06ish).

    If it is one of the newer ones well not sure how difficult those are.

    Side Note: I was really happy with taking my Outlander to Skyline Automotive when I wasn't able to work on it. Chris was great to deal with and he was pretty quick with the work and I wouldn't have hesitated to take it back to him but he no longer owns it? Not really sure on the details.
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