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Thread: How do I against gearing??

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    Default How do I against gearing??

    I'm trying to figure out how to get alittle more out of first. It's way to short to second. I'm having to shift at 9mph roughly. Would like it to be at least 12-15. Assuming sprockets but don't know if that's up or down teeth front or back or both. Would prefer top speed over acceleration since I'm on a 125cc

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    Any gearing you do for sprockets will change all gears. Since you are on a 125, I doubt you can hit redline in top gear in stock form, so gearing for more top speed will lower your rpm at all speeds, which lowers your power and likely lower your top speed. If you are getting 9mph in 1st, what RPM are you shifting at?

    To answer your question, to get more top speed, you go bigger sprocket in the front, smaller in the rear. Think about riding an 18 speed bicycle.
    I would try going UK 1 tooth on your front sprocket if available.
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