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Thread: Storing a car outside over winter

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    ?Place car on trailer
    ?Bring car/trailer to boat storage yard
    ?Get boat and deck of trailer done like they do with the boats
    ?Tow car back to driveway
    ?Leave until spring

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    If it's on your driveway, you gotta make sure all the garbage is out of it, put SOS pads in your tailpipe so mice don't get in there, if you can, you can use stands to take a good bit of load off (not all) your tires otherwise they'll develop flat spots (or put on shitty tires you don't care about or drive it once every month or so), take out the battery, and don't use a tarp.

    Tarps trap moisture in and doesn't really let it escape (moisture will creep up and the tarp will act as a tent trapping it in at the top). The looser parts will flap against your car and possibly scratch the paint on windy days. I'd find a better cover than a blue tarp.

    The most important thing is making sure it's clean and dry in the car.

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    ^^^ That's exactly what I used to do when I stored by cars outside over the winter or while I was in school. I used a car cover for the first winter and learned myself and left my car uncovered every single time after that. I would also add in some fuel stabilizer prior to parking it too

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