Selling off my 2012 300c with 70k kms on it.


550hp and 500tq

Comes with
2.9L whipple blower ($10k)
Built top end ($4k)
Air ride ($4k)
SRT rear end (4K)
Tuned on 94 (2k)
20inch hellcat wheels with 70% tires
20inch stock tires

wideband, boost and air tank PSI gauges

diablo sport tuner with tunes.

no leaks

Runs really good and looked after. E315B5A8-9A5A-4DF7-BFA6-C14E0EA29A33.jpgF57FBC1D-EB6C-457A-8E97-E08F7498EF15.jpg78A9337D-29E5-4CA3-A9BC-A50D893CA7D7.jpgE315B5A8-9A5A-4DF7-BFA6-C14E0EA29A33.jpgF57FBC1D-EB6C-457A-8E97-E08F7498EF15.jpg78A9337D-29E5-4CA3-A9BC-A50D893CA7D7.jpg