Welcome to 780Tuners. Remembering these rules before you post will make both the moderators' lives easier and your experience on 780Tuners more positive.

Apply common sense and chances are you'll be within the 99% of the users who will never have problems with the moderators. If you're part of the 1% that does, we recommend you try another forum.

780Tuners' administrators and moderators are the sole interpreters of the following rules/guidelines.
They are the ones who determine whether or not a rule has been broken.

Admins/Moderators also reserve the right to edit the rules/guidelines & apply consequences as necessary without prior warning.

1) There will not be any posts promoting street racing and/or any related topics.

2) Thread hijacking is disrespectful.
Stay on topic. If you have something else to talk about, start a new thread or use the Private Messaging (PM) system.

3) Be constructive with your criticism.
Do not post anything that is racially, ethnically or religiously derogatory or offensive.
Basically, do not post anything you wouldn't say to someone's face.
Imagine that person is holding a knife with the tip touching your eye, if that will remind you to re-read a post before submitting it.
If you are having problems with the site and/or other users, PM the admin/mods.

4) Please be respectful of other members and moderators.
Excessive flaming and personal attacks will not be tolerated.

5) Users considered to be trolls and/or users that troll, will be automatically banned.
A troll (noun) is:
- A user that posts to cause disturbance and/or cause trouble.
Trolling (verb) is:
- Posting to cause trouble/disturbance

6) Do not post negative comments in someone's "For Sale" threads.

[b]7) Do not be a jackass and/or a post-whore.
Post-whoring is:
- Posts which contain no relevant contribution to the thread, topic, or site such as "+1," "too long, didn't read", "qft", empty quoting, cool story bro, pic-whoring etc.
- Posting responses to a thread for the sole purpose of boosting post count
- Posts/Threads that are meaningless and lack the ability to elicit thought-provocative responses
- Posting derogatory and/or 1-word answers to a topic
- Post whores will have their post count reduced/reset and/or a suspension from the offending forum.
-Being a jackass is self explanatory, if you have to ask, then you should be banned.

8) There will be no solicitation on the public forums from commercial establishments/event.
Any form of solicitation from or discussion alluding to a business from a member that has a vested interest in a commercial or home based establishment, will be dealt with according to the banning rules. Fo sponsorship details, PM - Markis

9) Posts regarding why someone got banned, why a post was removed or any of the Rules & Guidelines, will be deleted.
These are not public issues, they are not open for debate, polling or anything else. Questions about these issues will only be answered via email or PM (private message).

10) Threads & posts are removed without warning, explanation or notification.
If you think for a moment about why your thread/post might have been deleted, the answer you come up with is most likely correct. If you still need further clarification, email or PM is the only way it is going to happen.

11) Most importantly, Have Fun!

All consequences dealt out are based on the principle that the offending user is Guilty until proven innocent.

Consequences will be given out on a case by case basis as admin/mods see fit.
Consequences, in random order, include but are not limited to:

- Verbal warning via private message.
- Removal/deletion of avatar and/or user profile.
- Application of post restrictions.
- Limiting of user rights.
- Account suspension.
- Banning.