Please follow the rules and guidlines for the forums

This forum is made available for members who have hook-ups or know of good deals in the the 780 area.

examples of post that are allowed here:

"I work at XYZ company and can offer 5% off to members"
"I can do taxes for people"
"I just found a great deal on clearance TVs at Futureshop"
"Looking to hire someone with Computer skills"

Absolutely no automotive related posts and do not bash/hijack others deals or hookups.

This forum is beta and will be changed/removed at discretion of the moderators. DO NOT POST YOUR DEALS OR HOOKUPS OUTSIDE OF THIS FORUM INCLUDING YOUR SIG. It will be removed. IF you want to have your own sponsor forum, add contacts to your sig or have automotive related hookups, please contact for sponsorship info.

Any nonsense threads will be deleted and members may be warned, suspended or banned at the moderators discretion. The moderators do not have time to deal with nonsense.