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Thread: (UN) Official Tips On How To Sell Your Car Thread: The Transaction Process

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    That cheque info isn't 100% correct.

    You can take the cheque to the bank where the cheque came from (it will say right on it). Then cash it (ask them to verify the funds first), and walk out with a money order/draft etc.

    Also, you can ask your bank to call the other bank, verify/hold the funds so there is no real 'hold' on it.

    And FYI, ANYTHING can have a stop put on it. For example, even if you took a money order/draft. It can be stopped out by the bank (just think along the terms of a stolen/lost cheque).

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    If i bought a vehicle off someone, and the engine blew after exactly one week, while it was being driven properly, is there anything i can do? The seller did -not- write as-is where-is on the bill of sale.

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    You have no recourse against the seller in the sense of a warranty unless they specifically implied that the car came with one, or unless it was expressly written on the bill of sale. Regardless of the way you drove the car, unless you drove away with the distinct impression that your car was covered under a warranty, you're unfortunately SOL!

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