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Thread: Events Postings Rules

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    Default Events Postings Rules

    1. Any events that are posted that sell tickets require sponsorship of the forum.

    Any event with free tickets or no gate admission are fine but are still at the descretion of 780Tuners Admin.

    2. If you are a commercial shop and not a 780Tuners Sponsor - you have not earned the right to post your event or the events you sponsor on our site.

    3. If you are a sponsor, events can be posted but are subject to rule #1 AND you cannot promote an event that is co-sponsored by another non-sponsoring shop or promotions company.

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    What about events like autocrosses put on by not-for-profit clubs like NECC?

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    Events that charge competitors are fine. Specatators must remain free unless the event is sponsored by 780Tuners.

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