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Thread: The OFFICIAL MMA thread

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    Before, she was his golden goose. The first female that didn't use roids to successfully defend 5 championship bouts.

    2 losses and bam, you're written-off.

    So, for Connor to hold out for the hail mary of pay days, I say go on, brother! I fucking hate Mayweather too so if there's an inkling for me to see him get his ass kicked in this lifetime, I will support it lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by carman View Post
    tmz reporting: dana says about Rhonda
    "I think she's probably done ... She's going to ride off into the sunset and start living her life outside of fighting."

    As she should. Any of these fighters that are smart would use fighting as a stepping stone. She probably made more for her cameo in Entourage movie, then she did her entire fighting career. Who cares what shit people want to talk about her fighting?

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    Shit, my girl Michelle Watterson got wrecked last weekend...

    LHW contention is a mess, Jimi Manwa to fight for the title? really? he's more one dimensional than Rumble Johnson.

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    There is something about Thug Rose that i find attractive, idk what it is but shes hot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NotZhao View Post
    There is something about Thug Rose that i find attractive, idk what it is but shes hot.
    I can't say the same but I've heard a lot of people say the same thing so you're not crazy
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