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Thread: Studded tires in alberta?

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    Question Studded tires in alberta?

    What are the rules for studded tires in alberta?

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    Any links stating that? I did a few googles but I could not find any thing.

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    I think i read before that they were legal between October and March/April (basically winter) or somthing like that. Try searching for previous posts might yield something.

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    Regulations aimed at these tires vary from one province to another; here is a summary.

    Alberta no restriction

    British Columbia from Oct. 1 to April 30 only

    Manitoba from Oct. 1 to April 30 only Ceramic core studs or ceramic studs only

    Ontario -- studs forbidden --

    Quebec from Oct. 15 to May 1 only Commercial vehicles: less than 3000 kg only Passenger vehicles: on both axles only

    Saskatchewan no restriction

    Newfoundland from Nov. 1 to April 31 only

    Yukon no restriction

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    Thanks man, where did you get that info from?

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    Took me only a few sites.

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    Ahh, yea, thanks for the HUGE help there man. Google, right, I've never heard of it

    I needed a actual Government document to support it, not just a bunch of tire and car sites at say so. I called Alberta Transport, they gave me what I need.

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    Legal all year long in alberta. Your local tire shop will have a chart on other provinces. Some provinces (BC) dont allow them.

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